5 Food & Drink Gift Ideas for Summer

Summertime gifts in the UK

Summer in the UK isn’t always sunny, but despite the lack of consistent weather, eating and drinking outside throughout the summer remains very popular, so food and drink gifts are excellent presents at this time of year. Whether it’s a BBQ or cocktail party in your own back garden, or a picnic at the beach, food and drink tastes better outside. We’ve compiled this list of 5 of the best food and drink gifts to give friends and family this summer. For birthday gifts, thank you presents, anniversary gifts or any other occasion, why not buy a gift that suits the season. All the summer gifts listed below are relatively inexpensive ranging between £10 and £30.

1. Cream Tea Hampers for a lovely summer present in the post

Summertime cream tea hamper

No surprise that we’ve included our cream tea hampers in this list of summer gifts as they do make great seasonal presents. They can be taken to the beach or countryside for a picnic, used as a summery dessert at a barbeque, eaten as a more filling version of strawberries and cream whilst watching Wimbledon or simply consumed as an indulgent weekend treat. They’re also very popular with the older generation making them great summertime gifts for grandparents, aunties and uncles.

2. Summertime refreshment with local Cider Hampers from Cornwall

Another Westcountry favourite, and a great gift for men are quality local ciders. They make for great summertime treats whether they’re consumed as a refreshing drink on a day trip out or in the garden around a family BBQ. Cider has grown in popularity over recent years making it an 'on trend' gift this summer. Not only does local Craft cider make for a more interesting gift, you also find that the unique flavours of the apples are present, unlike other industrial ciders. Cornish Orchards create award winning, premium ciders and soft drinks, using traditional craft practices and offer a number of gift box options containing a variety of different flavours. You can buy their products from www.cornishorchards.co.uk.

3. Strawberry Jam Making Kits as gifts this summer

Strawberry jam making kits usually contain recipe instructions, bottling funnels, jelly bag for straining the jam, jam thermometer and a preserve sealing and labelling set. They’re a great summer gift idea for someone who likes to keep busy in the kitchen and enjoys the intense taste of fresh strawberry jam. As well as providing a fun summer trip, going to a pick your own farm to get the strawberries for the jam can actually work out much better value than pre-packaged strawberries. This jam making kit from is just £20.

4. The ultimate gift for men this summer - a Barbeque Meat Brander

Everyone loves to get the BBQ going at the first sight of summer sun. A BBQ meat brander is the ideal unique food related gift for men who really want to be the BBQ king. This bbq meat brander from Presents for Men has 50 letters to use for the recipient to brand their own name or guests names into their burgers and steaks this summer and costs around £15.

5. Cocktail Making Kits for the perfect summertime garden party

This is another great summer gift idea for someone who enjoys hosting their own garden parties or BBQs. Cocktail making kits often come with cocktail recipe instructions, jigger measure, Manhattan shaker and cocktail glasses for serving your creations. www.drinkstuff.com has a section of its website dedicated to cocktail making kits and accessories and you can buy a set for between £10 and £30.


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