Cream Teas For Offices & Large Groups

Group Cream Tea

Our Group Cream Tea is a cream tea designed for a group of people with various size options (in increments of 4) ranging from 4 to 32 people. Previously, we only listed a cream tea to cater for up to 20 but we've recently expanded this to 32 people. We've worked out how much cream and jam is required per scone so all you need to know is how many people / scones are needed. The Devon scones, cream and jam also come with a selection box of Devonshire Tea containing sachets of Breakfast, Earl Grey and Afternoon tea blends.

Who is the Group Cream Tea Hamper for?

  • Large families where four scones isn't enough
  • Birthday parties - we recently provided a cream tea for a group of 100 celebrating a 21st Birthday party (see below).
  • Departments within an office - companies have been running national sales incentive competitions awarding the winning branch / department with a cream tea that the team can enjoy together.
  • Business to business marketing competitions.
  • Company thank you's - cream teas work really well as a thank you present and satisfied customers have been sending our Group Cream Tea to businesses such as garages, nurseries, schools and firms of solicitors.

Company Enjoying A Cream Tea Hamper

Ordering for 100 or more people

We only build in options to order for up to 32 people but have provided custom quotes for cream teas for around 100 people before. Please contact us to request a quote.


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