Hampers Suitable For Vegetarians

A vegetarian is defined as someone who doesn't consume any meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish or any other by-products of slaughter. Pescetarians are the same but do consume fish. Vegetarians can eat dairy, unlike vegans who don't consume any animal products, these include eggs and honey. Below we have listed everything suitable for vegetarians, most of our products include milk or eggs so we have very little suitable for vegans.

Our products suitable for vegetarians

At the time of writing this article the only product we stock not suitable for vegetarians is maple and bacon flavored popcorn but for completeness we've listed everything that is suitable for vegetarians below:

  • Scones (plain, fruit and gluten free)
  • Clotted Cream
  • Jam (strawberry, rhubarb & ginger, apricot)
  • Teonis Biscuits (fudge cookies, strawberry shortbread, chocolate orange shortbread), Hillside Savoury Biscuits
  • Chocolate (Willies Cacao, Devon Heaven truffles)
  • Devon Fudge
  • Tea (Devonshire Tea, Plymouth Tea, Cornish Tea), Coffee (Littles instant and ground coffee)
  • Chutney (Devon chutney, apple cider chutney), Chilli Jam & Sauce
  • Georgie Porgie Puddings (apple cider, orange)
  • Burts Crisps, Nuts
  • Mrs Gills Cakes (brownies, fruit cake, carrot cake)
  • Flapjackery (Devon cream tea flapjack)
  • Luscombe Drinks (elderflower, lemonade, damascene)
  • Cider (Sandford Orchard, Luscombe, Lyme Bay)
  • Hunters Brewery
  • Lyme Bay English White & Sparkling Wine

Hampers suitable for vegetarians

All our current range of Cream Tea Hampers.

All Devon Food Hampers excluding anything that has popcorn (so not Gourmet Devon, Sweet & Savoury Hamper).

Corporate Cream Tea HampersCorporate Hampers For Devon


  • Are the cream teas ok for someone with a nut allergy?

    Nick Philip on

  • Hi,
    Is the Christmas afternoon tea hamper including mince pies and Christmas pudding nut free?

    Thanks – Jenny

    Jenny White on

  • do you do gluton free hampers

    Mrs Linda Stanley on

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