Purely Devon Hampers to Devon Heaven

Over the past three years we’ve operated as both purelydevonhampers.co.uk and devonheaven.co.uk but as the business has grown we’ve decided that it makes sense to run all orders through one website: devonheaven.co.uk.

Purely Devon Hampers

Historically, Devon Heaven hasn’t had an as big a range as Purely Devon but Devon Heaven has been expanded to stock a wider variety of products from around the West Country and to also offer Create Your Own Hampers.

Purely Devon Hampers has been selling high quality hampers for over 10 years. In early 2018 the owner and founder of Purely Devon Hampers got in touch with us (Devon Heaven) to say that she was going retire and would we be interested in taking on the website. We did take on the website and moved all of the stock from Purely Devon’s premises in Dawlish to ours in Chudleigh. Michelle who was the main hamper packer at Purely Devon Hampers also came to work for us. Since then, which is now over 3 years, we’ve operated both websites as separate brands. Now that Devon Heaven’s range and offering has now increased to match the large range offered by Purely Devon with Create Your Own Hampers, as well as more Savoury Cheese Hampers, we believe that it makes sense to process all orders through Devon Heaven and put all of our support into this brand. All of Purely Devon Hampers old webpages have now been re-directed to Devon Heaven.


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