Savoury Hampers & Produce

In this blog we take a look at our savoury hampers, and our range of savoury products which can be selected to create your very own bespoke hamper.

Here at Devon Heaven we've created the perfect blend of providing good quality produce most of which are made locally to us, with the stylish way in which our hampers are presented to ensure the recipient is delighted with their gift.

When it comes to creating a hamper using our 'create your own' feature where customers can decide what they'd like in a hamper, we have dedicated staff who use their expertise and creativity to ensure the hamper is presented first class!

Cheese & Savoury Hampers

We have a wide range of savoury hampers available in our store, filled with tasty treats for those who don't have a sweet tooth. Depending on which hamper is chosen they will either be lovingly packed into our beautiful branded boxes, wrapped in a wicker basket with a red trim or placed into a lidded wicker hamper for that added touch of luxury. Here are a few of our favourites to excite the taste buds.

Ale & Savoury Snacks Hamper

Ale & Savoury Snacks Hamper

This hamper contains two bottles of real ale, brewed by Hunters Brewery in Devon. Pheasant Plucker, a light gold ale with a rich a fruity taste and Devon Dreamer, an amber ale with a zesty and well balanced taste. To accompany these we have black truffle and seasalt mixed nuts, and mixed olives with rosemary and garlic made by luxury snack producer Mr Filbert's. Burts crisps provide us with tasty mature cheddar and onion crisps, produced in small batches using cheese produced by local dairy Quicke's Farm. The final product in this savoury hamper is cheddar biscuits, made in the West Country by Furniss which are boldly flavoured with Davidstow Cheddar.

Cheese & Savoury Snacks Hamper

- Cheese & Savoury Snacks

Created for the cheese lovers, we pack two delicious cheeses into this hamper.  We have a clothbound mature cheddar produced by Quicke's Farm, and Snowdonia Cheese Company provide us with a creamy mature cheddar with cranberries. To accompany the cheeses, we have a selection of delicious cheddar biscuits made with Davistow Cheddar, and Cornish seaweed thins made by artisan bakehouse Popti.  Apple and cider brandy fruit cheese from Brendon Hill Crafts and Devon cider chutney from Warehouse Fayre bring together all of these flavours for a tasty savoury treat. Black truffle and seasalt mixed nuts, and mixed olives with rosemary and garlic produced by Mr Filbert's really do add those extra nibbles to this feast.

Cheese & English Wine Hamper

- Cheese & English Wine Hamper

The pairing of this English wine with the cheese creates a taste on the palate like no other. Mature cheddar from Quicke's Farm and a mild cheddar with cranberries are joined by Brendon Hill Crafts apricot and ginger chutney. Cornish seaweed thins, finished with cornish sea salt, black truffle and seasalt mixed nuts, and mixed olives with rosemary and garlic add that extra finish for a real treat. The classic English wine made in Devon by Sharpham Wine provides a well balanced and fruity flavour to accompany the food in this hamper.

Our full range of savoury hampers can be found HERE.

Create a Custom Savoury Hamper

Our customers are able to enjoy the benefits of creating their very own savoury hamper, which allows you to specify exactly what is in the hamper.  Then, of course is the option to present the produce in a branded Devon Heaven box, a wicker basket, or a lidded hamper. On the day of dispatch, our team will select the produce requested and lovingly present them in the way of your choice, and add the all important Devon postcard containing your personalised gift message.

Below we take a look at a selection of the items available in our create your own section, but of course our full range of delicious produce can be found HERE.

Popti Seaweed Thins

- Popti Seaweed Thins

Award winning seaweed thins made near the coast in the West Country, are produced in small batches by Popti Bakehouse. This savoury treat is deliciously rich in butter and lightly seasoned using local ingredients.



Devon Apple & Cider Chutney

- Devon Apple & Cider Chutney

This chutney is made using apples which are slow cooked and then combined with farmhouse cider to give a unique taste of the Devon countryside. Made by Waterhouse Fayre for us, this chutney provides a wonderful accompaniment to meat and cheese.


Quicke's Mature Cheddar

- Quicke's Mature Cheddar

A real treat for the cheese lover's, this clothbound cheddar is allowed to breathe as it matures naturally and slowly in a muslin-wrapped truckle typically for 12-15 months on the farm, giving a rich and buttery cheddar with exceptional depth of flavour. Made by the Quicke's family, who have been producing fine cheese in Devon for over five generations.


Tomato and Smoked Cheddar Quiche

-Tomato and Smoked Cheddar Tart

This tart is lovingly produced in Devon by specialist baker, Baked to Taste in East Devon. Each one is handmade to their traditional recipe using the finest local ingredients. This tart combines tomato with a delicate smoked cheddar to give a mouthwatering experience, and it's gluten free too.



Rosemary and Garlic Mixed Olives

- Rosemary and Garlic Mixed Olives

Halkidiki and Kalamata olives boast both a wonderful taste and texture, and these are marinated in rosemary and garlic to offer the ultimate snack or accompaniment.



In addition to our wide selection of food available we offer an extensive drink selection to finish off that perfect gift idea of a savoury hamper. Local ales, ciders, gin and wine forefront our alcoholic range while Luscombe of Devon produce for us Wild Elderflower Bubbly, Passionate Ginger Beer and Tonic Water for our lighter, non alcoholic range. We also have hot drinks available which include various blends of local tea and coffee and irresistible hot chocolate made in Mid Devon.

Why do we like savoury foods?

Ultimately it comes down to preference, but why do many people prefer savoury food over sweet food?

There are basically five flavours that we can detect, salt, sweet, sour, bitter and umami, but we can also detect spice, heat and coolness in what we choose to eat. In fact, the majority of what we eat day to day is savoury so it's no surprise to learn that so many do choose a savoury option when given a choice. Lunch and dinner, generally consist of savoury foods whereas breakfast could contain sweet or savoury or a combination of them both.

But it's far more complex than that, genetics, diet and upbringing also play an important factor deciding what you like and what you don't. Also, genetics is key to establishing how much you can or can't taste of something.

In the end it's best to keep an open mind about trying new foods and experiences and leave yourself open for what might be an amazing taste sensation just around the corner.


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