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Dartmoor Cream Tea Challenge

About the Dartmoor Cream Tea Challenge The cream tea challenge is a route across Dartmoor that incorporates 16 great tearooms and hotels that sell Devonshire cream teas. With its stunning scenery Dartmoor is the perfect place to enjoy a cream tea, or 16! Its open expanse makes Dartmoor perfect for walkers, with the most well known trek being the ten tors adventure where students hike between 35 and 55 miles across Dartmoor on a route that takes them between 10 Dartmoor tors. How the Dartmoor Cream Tea Challenge Works The Dartmoor Cream Tea Challenge is a fun on-going event that can either be walked, rode or driven....

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50 Of The Best Cream Teas In Devon - Updated 2023

Page Last Updated: 16th May 2023 Cream Teas in Devon Full Size Map   The Best Cream Teas in Devon by Region Exeter and East Devon Cream Teas Torbay, Plymouth and South Devon Cream Teas A visit to Devon just wouldn’t be complete without experiencing a traditional Devon Cream Tea. From the rugged expanse of Dartmoor National Park and ​its cosy pubs to the pretty little harbours and seaside towns bustling with quaint cafés, one thing’s for sure - wherever you are in Devon you are never far from a cream tea! We have put together this guide to help you...

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