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Why's Devon Cider Special & Who Produces It?

We’ve recently obtained an alcohol license in preparation for stocking cider hampers, as well as including local real ales and wines within our Devon food hampers and afternoon teas. We have spent a lot of time researching Devon based cider producers and brands so that we can include the very best in our hampers. It therefore made sense to write this blog detailing Devon cider brands, along with a bit about why the region is a prominent cider producer. For more about cider production and how to appreciate and identify high-quality cider see our Interview with 'real' cider expert Jim...

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Langage Farm

Last week I visited Langage Farm, near Plymouth, to learn all about their cream and how they produce it. I was really impressed with how green, committed to quality and friendly they were. Langage Farm generate their own power in an anaerobic digester facility which creates energy from the waste of local businesses. They’re the first UK Carbon Neutral Dairy with an anaerobic digester facility generating electricity from food waste. Enough power is generated to supply over 500 Households, 25,000 Light bulbs or 5,000 Laptops. I didn’t need much persuading to try their various ice cream flavours! They were all...

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