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The Old Forge Restaurant on Dartmoor wins best Afternoon Tea Award October 13, 2015 14:11

The Old Forge in Chagford on Dartmoor

The Old Forge Caffè and Restaurant in Chagford, Dartmoor, has had lots to shout about recently. The Old Forge was judged as having the best cream tea in Devon by independent cream tea reviewer Ditch Townsend, who has tasted over 250 cream teas in the county.

The Old Forge Restaurant - Best Cream Tea in Devon!

In September 15 the Daily Telegraph coined the Dartmoor-based café as "Britain's best cream tea" whilst The Times wrote "the cream of Devon teas". Now the Café Life Awards has crowned the Old Forge Caffè & Restaurant the winner of the Afternoon Tea Experience Challenge sponsored by Tetley Tea. The finals for the competition took place at the ‘Lunch!’ trade show in London and saw the UK's most innovative cafés, bakeries and cookery schools create a bespoke sweet and savoury spread, paired with one of Tetley's range of teas, to provide the ultimate Afternoon Tea Experience. Celebrity chef and café entrepreneur Aldo Zilli was head judge for the competition leading an independent panel of food and drink experts.

Old Forge best afternoon tea in the UKDr Richard Farrington, owner and head chef at The Old Forge since leaving a career in medicine two years ago, said: "The competition today was truly astonishing, and I'm thrilled to be able to take home the prize for my version of a Devonshire Cream Tea - an amazing local speciality that I am incredibly passionate about. To be recognised by the Café Life Awards in this way is a proud achievement and one that I will treasure."

The sandwiches and cakes Richard included in his afternoon tea stand were inspired by the early 1900s, a time period when the cream tea started to become well known to the rest of the country with the expansion of the railways. However, the real fun came with the cream tea element of the afternoon tea. Instead of pairing scones, cream and jam with traditional Earl Grey tea and sliced lemon, Richard made spiced caraway scones (to taste like Victorian seed cake) and served them with homemade Earl Grey-infused clotted cream, lemon curd, and a Red Berry Tetley tea. All the traditional flavours comprising a cream tea are present, but in a rather unusual and highly original form that mad-scientist Heston Blumenthal would be proud of.

The full afternoon tea menu is below:

  • Dainty finger sandwiches (crusts cut off, of course):
    Cucumber on traditional white sourdough bread
    Salmon pâté on seeded bread (including caraway seeds)
  • A chilled glass of homemade lemonade (this could be changed to a glass of champagne for a higher sale price, but Richard prefers the traditional lemonade, whose flavour marries and compliments the other elements of the tea so well).
  • A selection of popular sweet delicacies - here Richard chose shortbread, fruit cake, raspberry tartlets and lemon sponge to best match the other flavours in the afternoon tea.
  • A "Devonshire Cream Tea" with a difference:
    Caraway seed scones (adding the flavour of traditional seed cake) paired with homemade Earl-Grey-infused clotted cream
    Lemon curd (the added lemon to go with the Earl Grey)
    A pot of Tetley Summer Berry Tea

Well done to Richard and the team! We are very proud at Devon Heaven Hampers to sell afternoon and cream tea vouchers for such a highly acclaimed restaurant and café!

Independent cream tea reviewer Ditch Townsend shares his latest finds! June 08, 2015 10:16 2 Comments

A guest blog from local cream tea expert Ditch Townsend on his top 5 finds from May...

They begged me not to eat their cream tea. “Come back after 2.30pm,” they said, “the scones will be freshly baked,” they said. That’s Exeter’s Tea on the Green for you. Too fastidious, by far. I ploughed on in my quest; now or never! It was large. It was hot. Could extra freshness have improved the buttery shortbread crunch as the scone’s glazed crust succumbed to me? Might not the dense and delicious cake-biscuit core be better for having matured overnight? My saliva glands squeezed ecstatically, as the tart blackcurrant woke from its soft, mild, creamy bed.

Seventy four cream teas down, I’m still standing. I don’t actually eat all of them. I tend to eat an eighth of a scone with cream and an eighth without. It’s the caffeine headaches that give me the biggest problem. Or finding two great venues in one day. (I tend to eat a whole scone with cream and jam, when I stumble onto the best ones.)

Except at the Oak Barn on the way into Budleigh Salterton. I almost jumped up and down, shouting “Mummy, Mummy!” when I bit into one of their cherry bakewell scones. It was so fragrant and exotically flavoured, that the jam ruined the small piece I tried it on. No – for this Duchess of scones, all you want is cream; lots of it. These are the moments when I need to eat it all.

Cherry bakewell scones

Six years ago, I returned to the UK with my family after working in community development in Asia and Africa for 14 years. We settled in Devon and I soon developed a cream tea habit, having first experimented with it as a teenager on holiday in Lynton. A long work sabbatical is giving me the chance to indulge and share. But as I dig deeper and travel further, I wonder who is consuming whom...

Take the Corn Dolly in South Molton for example. When I stumbled in, apple and cinnamon was their scone of the week. Like a siren, it called plaintively to me from the specials board. Naturally, I capitulated. Baked like a cake, this giant scone wedge crumpled and crumbled its soft, chunky way to my heart, the fragrant loose leaf Earl Grey lubricating the way. Like I said, who’s eating whom?

cream tea reviews

Is there anything objective in my assessments, you might ask? I pretend to think so – at least I try to be consistent: I prefer my clotted cream like a paté, preferably flavoured (although my favourite smokey type is now almost extinct). I don’t score more or less between Devon and Cornwall (and once, even Dorset), but I like to know the source: if someone promotes a ‘Devon cream tea’, the least I hope for is that they source their cream in Devon. I like my scones to have some flavour, and preferably to veer down the biscuit end of the spectrum (soft and moist of course!) For tea, I’ll always go for a loose leaf Earl Grey with a cream tea if I can (although I review whatever is standard unless a choice is no extra cost). As for jam, my top bug bear is lack of choice. My second is the appalling insipidness and jellosity of the luminous, red flavoured, sickly sweet gunk, which I just want to rant and scream about, it crops up so often.

No – give me The Barn, up at Ullacombe, where THE raspberry jam lives: a thick nectar, plum-saffron coloured, suffused with the scents of paradise, yellow seeds hanging intoxicated with delight.

cube scone

My other measure is that of the place – its grace in other words. I’m not aiming too high (no classy hotels for me), nor too low (no sun-drunk beachside kiosks either). But I’m looking for an interesting or pleasant local environment, and for some signs of care for the decor or garden, whatever its aspiration (some are themed, some traditional, some fun); have they achieved something worthwhile with the place? Lastly, how does it all arrive – is the visual sensation more shiver or shudder?

Just look at the setting of Powdermills Pottery and tell me it’s not awesome? That the pottery showroom isn’t just the perfect place to sit? That the home made crockery and tray aren’t quixotically special?

Well, nowhere is perfect, and I don’t let my scoring get in the way of that. If its close, it can have it. I don’t know how I’ll feel when I encounter my first 10/10. But for now, I can tell you that I’ve found a 9/10. Find out for yourself. It’s at Chagford, and it’s called The Old Forge Caffè. Go see; then tell me I’ve not done my job right...

© Text and photos by Ditch Townsend

Thanks to Ditch for a great blog! You can follow Ditch’s via and be kept up-to-date on Twitter @DevonCreamTease

Dartmoor Cream Tea Challenge April 21, 2015 10:52 21 Comments

About the Dartmoor Cream Tea Challenge

The cream tea challenge is a route across Dartmoor that incorporates 16 great tearooms and hotels that sell Devonshire cream teas. With its stunning scenery Dartmoor is the perfect place to enjoy a cream tea, or 16! Its open expanse makes Dartmoor perfect for walkers, with the most well known trek being the ten tors adventure where students hike between 35 and 55 miles across Dartmoor on a route that takes them between 10 Dartmoor tors.

Dartmoor Cream Tea Adventure Challenge

How the Dartmoor Cream Tea Challenge Works

The Dartmoor Cream Tea Challenge is a fun on-going event that can either be walked, rode or driven. Those looking for adventure can walk, run or ride the route ticking off each cream tea over the course of a long weekend. Those more keen on thick clotted cream and warm fresh scones than the exhausting 63 miles of Dartmoor hills can treat the challenge as a tick list crossing off each venue over the course of whatever time period they choose, making it a very accessible challenge to all.

The below map shows the route by road in a bit more detail, those taking on the adventure challenge will find that some sections are walk-able direct off-road. For on-route accommodation check out

Dartmoor Cream Tea Adventure Challenge Map

What do you get for completing the challenge?

The Dartmoor cream tea challenge is a fun event that Devon Heaven Hampers run for free so we don't give out medals or badges etc. for completing the challenge. However, you will be added to our hall of fame below and have your achievement shared through our social media page. Simply let us know the details below and send us a picture or two of you en route. We will also give away one of our cream tea hampers as a prize to one of those who complete the challenge each year (or can send to a relative if you've eaten too many cream tea's!).

Date  Name Walk/Ride/Drive Days Taken Favourite Cream Tea


Cream Tea Voucher Give Away

To celebrate the cream tea challenge, we have cream tea vouchers to give away! Vouchers can be won for the tearooms and hotels listed below. To enter the competition, all you have to do is like our Facebook page.

Cream Tea for Two Vouchers

Venue / Status

Badgers Holt - Done
Fox Tor Cafe - Done
Buckland Abbey - Done
Home Farm Cafe - Done
Moorland Gardens Hotel - Coming Soon
The Old Forge - Coming Soon
The White Hart Hotel - Coming Soon
Prince Hall - Coming Soon

Tearooms and Hotels on the Cream Tea Challenge Route

These will be set until summer 2016.

1. The Old Walled Garden, Dunsford EX6 7AA

The Old Walled Garden is a small tearoom with a lovely walled garden in the centre of Dunsford that serves great value homemade cream teas, which can be enjoyed after a walk along the River Teign at Steps Bridge.

2. Woodleigh Coach House, Cheriton Bishop, Exeter EX6 6JL

Woodleigh Coach House is a Grade II listed building originally constructed by a London Brewer in the late 19th century. Located in the former stables of the Coach House, the cafe offers a warm and rustic feel with splendid views of the countryside.

3. The Old Forge, Chagford TQ13 8AB

This converted blacksmith’s forge in the centre of Chagford serves high quality local and homemade food and drink, including Devonshire Cream Teas served with loose-leaf tea which has been rated by independent cream tea reviewer Ditch Townsend as the best in Devon. We sell gift vouchers for a cream tea for two at The Old Forge.

4. Gidleigh Park, Chagford TQ13 8HH

On the banks of the River Teign in Dartmoor this luxury Tudor style country house hotel is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon tea or a Devonshire cream tea.

5. Bovey Castle, North Bovey TQ13 8RE

Bovey Castle is one of the UK’s finest hotels and offers visitors a chance to be treated like a king whilst enjoying a cream tea or a more extensive afternoon tea within its wonderful grounds.

6. The White Hart Hotel, Moretonhampstead TQ13 8NQ

A family-owned hotel in the centre of Moretonhampstead with a lovely restaurant that uses local produce and serves cream teas daily between 10-4. The White Hart is very dog friendly so pop in after a nice walk on the moors.

7. Home Farm Café, Bovey Tracey TQ13 9JQ

Surrounded by lots of nice walking routes along the River Bovey this dog friendly café is an ideal spot for dog walkers to enjoy a good value cream tea with warm homemade scones.

8. The Edgemoor Hotel, Bovey Tracey TQ13 9LE

A family-owned, dog friendly country house hotel en route to Haytor serving cream and afternoon teas in either the Old School Tea Rooms or outside in the attractive gardens.

9. Bagders Holt, Dartmeet PL20 6SG

Set at Dartmeet where the East and West River Dart merge, Bagders Holt is in a great location and offers wonderful walking along the river. Badgers Holt specialises in Cream Teas with a secret scone recipe exclusive to the restaurant for over 60 years and also offers homemade traditional fruit, cheese and gluten free scones.

10. Prince Hall, Two Bridges, Dartmoor, Devon, PL20 6SA

Set high on Dartmoor the Prince Hall is a lovely setting overlooking the West River Dart. They serve delicious Devonshire cream tea featuring freshly-baked crumbly scones, locally-made strawberry preserve and Devon clotted cream.

11. Two Bridges Hotel, Princetown PL20 6SW

Two Bridges Hotel offer a fine dining experience in the middle of Dartmoor as well as serving cream teas daily either inside by the fire or outside in their private garden.

12. Tor Royal, Princetown PL20 6SL

afternoon tea dartmoorTor Royal is a homely bed and breakfast set in a Grade II-listed building in the middle of Dartmoor National Park. It sits in an unspoilt region of Dartmoor, where War Horse was filmed.Its restaurant offers quality local food and drink, including gluten free cream teas. We sell gift vouchers for an afternoon tea for two at the Tor Royal.

13. Fox Tor Café, Princetown PL20 6QS

A licensed café, popular with walkers passing through Princetown, Fox Tor Café sell local food and drink and serve great value meals.

14. The East Gate, Tavistock PL19 0BW

Located in Tavistock on the west side of the moors, the East Gate Café offers the chance to enjoy a Devon cream tea in their beautiful terrace garden overlooking the River Tavy. We sell Devonshire cream tea gift vouchers for The East Gate on Dartmoor.

15. Buckland Abbey, Yelverton, Devon, PL20 6EY

The 700 year old abbey is now managed by the National Trust, it is part museum, part house, and filled with treasures such as the legendary Drake’s Drum. The onsite Ox Yard restaurant serves food that often is picked from the abbey's traditional walled Cider House kitchen garden.

16. Moorland Garden Hotel, Yelverton PL20 6DA

On the edge of Dartmoor, Moorland Garden Hotel boasts nine acres of beautiful moorland garden perfect for either a special afternoon tea or indulgent cream tea.

50 Of The Best Cream Teas In Devon January 01, 2015 19:30 2 Comments

Cream Teas in Devon Full Size Map

 Best cream teas in Devon map

The Best Cream Teas in Devon by Region

Exeter and East Devon Cream Teas 

Torbay, Plymouth and South Devon Cream Teas

Cream Tea Vouchers

We hope you find this guide to some of the best cream teas in Devon useful and don't forget that we deliver Devon cream teas by post as gifts for those wanting to enjoy one at home from anywhere in the UK.

North Devon Cream Teas

1 - Nelly May’s Parlour, Ilfracombe

Cream Tea North DevonNelly May’s is a new tearoom opened July 15 serving cream teas daily to Ilfracombe and North Devon. They’re fast building a reputation for a great cream tea and were recently rated by independent cream tea review Ditch Townsend as one of the best cream teas of the 200 he’s tasted in Devon this year.

 2 - Cheristow Lavender, Hartland

Lavendar Cream Tea North DevonCheristow Lavender is a traditionally run low impact beef farm with a small tearoom specialising in wholesome, organic, homemade fayre. The delicious scones have a hint of lavender. The tearooms are open Wednesday to Saturday from 12 until 5pm from March to October. There are informal gardens which you can enjoy free of charge. Get 10% Off a cream tea for two when you quote 'Devon Heaven Hampers' (valid during 2016).

3 - Docton Mill & Gardens, Hartland

Docton Mill Cream TeaWith all food freshly prepared in the granary kitchen, Docton Mill was voted best cream tea in Devon at the North Devon Food & Drink awards. The tea room that surrounds the garden terrace and Mill House is open daily.

 4 - Hartland Abbey & Gardens, Hartland

Hartland Abbey North DevonOpen end of March until October, Hartland Abbey includes beautiful 18thC Walled and Woodland gardens with parkland that provides visitors with extensive grounds through which to wander and enjoy the stunning valley leading down to the Atlantic Ocean. The tea rooms are situated in what was the heart of the house in years past and visitors can enjoy a Devon cream tea either within the old kitchen rooms or in the adjoining courtyard.

5 - Hele Corn Mill and Tea Room, Ilfracombe

Hele Corn Mill and Tea Room IlfracombeLocated just 300m from stunning Hele Bay beach, Hele Corn Mill dates from 1525 and is a unique working watermill. Homemade cream teas come with either fruit or plain scones as well as Devonshire Splits. They also offer Thunder and Lightning - a cream tea with golden syrup instead of strawberry jam. The cafe is rated #1 of 92 restaurants in the Ilfracombe area on Trip Advisor!

6 - Orford Mill, Torrington

Orford Mill Cottages Torrington DevonOrford Mill is located on the banks of the River Torridge in a beautiful wooded valley just a mile outside the historic town of Great Torrington, near the Tarka Trail cycle route. Their cream teas were voted best in North Devon in a poll.

7 - Saunton Sands, Saunton

Saunton Sands HotelThis elegant, four-star art deco hotel has a spectacular setting overlooking one of the finest beaches in Devon - a three-mile stretch of smooth sand offering safe paddling and bathing, and exhilarating surfing. Enjoy their Devon cream teas or range of afternoon teas from the lounge or on the terrace with beautiful views of the North Devon coast.

9 - Tea on the Green, Westward Ho

Tea on the green Westward HoThe Tea on the Green at Westward Ho is unique in that its cream teas are named after famous movie stars… The Hepburn, The Grant and The Taylor! The Café is highly rated on Trip Advisor, # 2 of 21 in Westward Ho.


10 - The Commodore Hotel, Instow

Commodore Hotel InstowThe Commodore Hotel has stunning views of Instow beach, the River Torridge, Appledore, the Estuary and beyond. It's award winning traditional Devon cream tea comes with a generous portion.

11 - The Corn Dolly, South Molton

The Corn Dolly South MoltonThe Corn Dolly is a small family run business established in 1986 serving South Molton with cream teas for nearly 30 years. Wherever possible they use produce from the local town and surrounding area.

12 - The Thatch, Croyde

The Thatch CroydeThe Thatched Barn Inn is a beautiful, 16th Century thatched Free House in Croyde, North Devon using locally sourced products and ingredients from across Devon and Exmoor, wherever possible. highlighted them as one of the best cream teas in North Devon.

13 - The Watersmeet Hotel, Woolacombe

Watersmeet HotelThe Watersmeet Hotel can be found above a quiet, sandy beach, in the timeless village of Mortehoe, on Devon’s rugged North Atlantic coast. cream teas come with freshly made scones, local clotted cream and delicious strawberry jam. Dependent on the time of year you can enjoy your tea either on the sun trap terrace, the lawn or in the comfy lounge.

14 - Ye Olde Manor Buttery, Ilfracombe

Ye Olde Manor Buttery IlfracombeSet in a secluded valley, nestling snugly near the Heritage Coast of Ilfracombe, North Devon, the Manor House is thought to date from the 11th century and was mentioned in the Domesday Book. You can enjoy one of their famous Devonshire cream teas inside the recently refurbished tea room or eat outside in the lovely tea garden.


Exeter and East Devon Cream Teas

8 - Seaton Tramway Café, Colyton Station, Cownhayne Lane, Kingsdon, Colyton, East Devon, EX24 6HA

Seaton Tramway Cream TeaSeaton Tramway operates narrow gauge heritage trams between Seaton, Colyford and Colyton in East Devon's glorious Axe Valley, travelling alongside the River Axe estuary through two nature reserves and giving an unrivalled view of the abundant wading bird life. The Garden Room at Colyton Station serves fresh homemade scones with local farm clotted cream and its cream teas are very reasonably priced at £4.95 for a full cream tea with two scones.

15 - Bickleigh Mill, Bickleigh

Bickleigh MillOne of Devon's largest and most exciting rural shopping, eating and recreation destinations housed within this 18th century historic working water Mill.

16 - Combe House Devon, Honiton

Combe House DevonCombe House is a Grade 1 Elizabethan country manor , near Honiton, with stunning views, set in beautiful gardens & 3,500 acres of one of Devon’s finest estates. A premium Afternoon Tea made using the finest of local ingredients, including the fruit for their jams, all home-grown in the huge restored Victorian Kitchen Gardens.

17 - Darts Farm, Topsham

Darts Farm TopshamThe Farm Shop is a hub of all things locally grown, reared, baked or caught. Its still a working farm, selling its home-grown produce directly through the farm shop. The restaurant is always popular and offers a good value cream tea.

18 - Edgemoor, Nr Bovey Tracey

Edgemoor Hotel Bovey TraceyA family-owned, dog friendly country house hotel in Dartmoor, South Devon. Built in the 1870s, and once Bovey Tracey Grammar School. The hotel has had a substantial tasteful renovation and now features a both traditional and contemporary style. Enjoy the delights of a Devon cream tea in their Old School Tea Rooms or sit outside in the attractive gardens. A perfect stop off point on the way to Haytor.

19 - Escot Park, Ottery St Mary

Escot Park OtterySet in 220 acres of stunning private parkland you can enjoy a cream tea alongside woodland walks, tackling their maze and getting close to lots of farmyard animals, including a falconry display and a walk-through Red Squirrel encounter. Delicious gluten free scones are also usually available.

20 - Fursdon House, Cadbury

Fursdon House CadburyHome of the Fursdon family who have lived here for more than 750 years, Fursdon House is a country estate in fabulous countryside only half an hour from Exeter. The Coach Hall tea room is only open on certain days through the year when the house and gardens are open too. On colder days there’ll be a log fire burning in the Coach Hall and if the sun is shining you can sit outside in the cobbled courtyard and enjoy amazing views across the Exe valley. All their scones and cakes are freshly made onsite.

21 - Royal Oak Farm, Honiton

best cream tea honitonThe Royal Oak Farm have a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence and their cream teas are award winning with most recent award from “This England Magazine”. Their cream teas come with two freshly baked scones, local clotted cream, a pot of tea and homemade jam produced from strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries and blackcurrants grown on-site. Enjoy a cream tea in front of the log fire in the olde worlds tea rooms during winter or in the pleasant gardens and marquee in summer months. Reservations are recommended.

22 - Otterton Mill, Otterton

Otterton Mill Cream TeaOtterton Mill has an award winning café, bakery and food shop at the mill, and also offers cookery and bakery courses. They produce fine organic scones in the ancient mill. The mill overlooks the River Otter, which can be followed for a lovely walk to the coastal town of Budleigh Salterton.

23 - Pecorama, Beer

Pecorama Devon Cream TeaPecorama, one of Devon's leading tourist attractions, is set on the hillside above the picturesque fishing village of Beer and is home to the world's foremost manufacturer of model railway track. All their scones and cakes are made daily on the premises and all from locally sourced ingredients. They are served in their wonderful Garden Room Restaurant with stunning views over Lyme Bay.



25 - Real Food Store, Exeter

Real Food Store ExeterThe Real Food Store is Exeter’s first community owned food business, offering local, fresh and seasonal food and drink, at an honest price. What's more the cafe upstairs serves delicious cream teas, with scones made on the premises.

26 - Route 2 Café Bar, Topsham

Route 2 Cafe Bar TopshamThis cycle themed cafe is situated on the National Cycle Route 2 along the Exe Estuary (a great cycle route!) and offers everything from homemade ice creams through to local Topsham ales. Many baked Items are gluten free including their heart shaped scones.

27 - Southern Cross, Newton Poppleford

Southern Cross Devon Cream TeaThe Southern Cross Guest House & Tea Rooms in Newton Poppleford, nr Sidmouth, serves traditional Devonshire cream teas in it's historic 18th century thatched cottage. rated them as one of the Top 10 places for cream teas in Devon and Cornwall.

28 - The Bark House, Tiverton

The Bark House TivertonDelicious cream teas served most days (when sign is outside) to passing travellers, with home made scones, their own strawberry jam and clotted cream from Westons Farm, Bampton. Going to or from Exmoor on the A396 the Bark House is an ideal place for morning coffee or a cream tea.

29 - The Greyhound Inn , Fenny Bridge

Greyhound Inn Cream TeaThe Greyhound Country Inn is a country pub & restaurant oozing rural charm and rustic character. The family run Devonshire thatched Inn, offers home-made cream teas with Devon clotted cream & home made jam. Served by a real log fire in the winter or the large garden in the summer.

30 - The Old Forge Caffe and Restaurant, Chagford

A beautiful converted blacksmith’s forge in the heart of Chagford serving the highest quality local and homemade food and drink. Rated by independent cream tea reviewer Ditch Townsend as the best of the 150+ cream tea's tasted this year!.

31 - The Old Walled Garden Tea Rooms, Dunsford

The Old Walled Garden Tea Room DunsfordThe Walled Garden Tearooms in Dunsford really are a hidden gem. Tucked in an old-worldy cottage which also houses the local post office. Indoor seating available as well as a covered courtyard. The cream tea is tipped to be one of the best in the area and all of the food at the tearoom is homemade.

32 - The Salty Monk, Sidford

Salty Monk SidfordOriginally a Salt House used by the Benedictine Monks who traded Salt at Exeter Cathedral, this Devon restaurant with rooms is situated in the Sid Valley just one mile from Sidmouth. The Salty Monk is open for cream teas everyday and has a large selection of loose leaf teas to choose from and the scones and preserves are made on the premises, with the clotted cream coming from the nearby Yarty Valley.

33 - At The Terrace Café, the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Bovey Tracey

The Terrace Cafe Bovey TraceyA popular venue for walkers, tourists and craft lovers on the edge of Dartmoor, The Terrace serves up cream teas, with freshly baked scones and locally sourced jam and cream - as handmade as the craft in their gallery and shop. Eat inside overlooking the river or on our rooftop terrace overlooking the town and hills beyond.

Torbay, Plymouth and South Devon Cream Teas

24 - East Gate Cafe & Brasserie, Tavistock
Buy cream tea gift vouchers for the East Gate here

cream tea dartmoorEastgate Cafe and Brasserie is idyllically situated just a few short paces from the Tavistock town centre and is right next to the River Tavy. There is a large outdoor terrace alongside the river which is a must during the summer and great for dog walkers. Eastgate Cafe and Brasserie serves an excellent cream tea with fresh home-made scones and lots of thick clotted cream.

34 - Angels Tea Rooms, Babbacombe

Angels Tea Room BabbacombeAngels is a wonderful little surprise. This tea room and daytime restaurant bustles from the moment the doors are open. They offer lots of cream tea variations that come highly recommended on Trip Advisor.

35 - Avon Mill, Kingsbridge

Avon Mill KingsbridgeSet in the grounds of a former mill, on the banks of the River Avon near Kingsbridge, it makes for a perfect day out. The bustling licensed café is popular for brunch, lunch and traditional Devon cream tea.

36 - Badgors Holt, Dartmeet

Badgers Holt Dartmoor DartmeetOnce an old fishing lodge, Badger's Holt nestles at the foot of 1300 feet high Yar Tor, at the famous beauty spot where the east and west tributaries of the River Dart meet. Badger's Holt specialises in Devonshire cream teas, with a secret scone recipe exclusive to the restaurant for over 60 years and also offers homemade traditional fruit, cheese and gluten free scones.

37 - Boringdon Hall, Plympton

Boringdon Hall PlymptonBoringdon Hall Hotel is a seductive manor house hotel on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon where luxury and style come together with the drama of Elizabethan architecture. It offers a number of afternoon tea options including a cream tea with Homemade scones.

38 - Orestone Manor, Torquay

Afternoon tea torquay vouchersOrestone Manor is an independent family run classic country house hotel. The magnificent Georgian manor house is set in the pretty South Devon coastal village of Maidencombe. Awarded two AA rosettes for fine dining, Orestone Manor is the ideal place to enjoy an Cream Tea with spectacular sea views over Lyme Bay.

39 - Tor Royal, Princetown

Dartmoor cream teaThe Tor Royal is a beautiful Grade II-listed building located on the edge of Princetown in the same unspoilt region of Dartmoor that was chosen as the location to film War Horse. The Tor Royal currently enjoys a 5 star rating on TripAdvisor.

40 - Kitley House Hotel, Yealmpton

Hitley House HotelThe 500 year old country house is set in the heart of the South Devon countryside, positioned in 600 acres of unspoilt pasture and woodland. With a range of South Devon cream teas including the Kitley Experience “The Kitley Vintage Cream Tea”. They can be enjoyed in the restaurant, or if the weather is good on the terrace with views of the estate.

41 - Living Coasts Cafe, Torquay

Living Coasts Cafe TorquayLiving Coasts is a great place to visit, where you can get up close and personal to the playful penguins. The restaurant sources food and drink locally and you can enjoy a cream tea on the sun terrace with stunning views over the harbour.

42 - Occombe Farm, Paignton

Occombe Farm PaigntonOccombe Cafe sits above the Farm Shop and has wonderful views across the farm and nature reserve which can be enjoyed whilst relaxing on the balcony. They try to source as much of the menu as possible from Occombe Farm itself.

43 - One World Cafe & Bistro, Torquay

One World Cafe and Bistro TorquaySet in Torre Abbey Gardens in the heart of The English Riviera is One World Cafe & Bistro. The Café offers fresh homemade food and uses lots of fairtrade products. It boasts colourful eating areas both inside and outside and is dog friendly.

44 - Red Earth Deli & Café, Kingsbridge

Red Earth Deli and Cafe KingsbridgeRed Earth Deli & Café sell fresh local produce throughout the deli and cafe and have a wide selection of products, gifts and hampers for all occasions. They're based in the centre of Kingsbridge, South Devon, welcome dogs and have a gluten free menu.

45 - Salcombe Harbour Hotel, Salcombe

Salcombe Harbour HotelThe Salcombe Harbour Hotel is one of the South West's finest luxury hotels situated in a prime location on the Salcombe Estuary. They offer a number of different Afternoon Tea options including their Jetty Cream Tea, all with spectacular views from the Terrance Restaurant overlooking the estuary.

46 - The Guardhouse Café, Brixham

The Guardhouse Cafe BrixhamThe Guardhouse Café offers superb local food and drink in one of the south coasts most stunning locations Berry Head Nature Reserve. They offer a wide selection of hot food, drinks, cakes & flapjacks with their cream teas being one of the most popular dishes.

47 - The Singing Kettle Tea Room, Torquay

Singing Kettle Tea Room Cream TeaThe Singing Kettle Tea Room is a small family run establishment serving homemade scones, cakes, cookies, soups and sandwiches including gluten free varieties. They use local produce and fairtrade products where possible. They're only a couple of minutes away from the seafront and welcome dogs.

48 - Tudor Rose Tea Room, Plymouth

Tudor Rose Cream Tea PlymouthThe traditional tea rooms are set in a listed premises dating back to 1640. They have a good Trip Advisor rating of #46 of 525 in Plymouth with lots of positive reviews of their cream teas.

49 - Vintage Tea, Totnes

Vintage Tea TotnesDiscover Vintage Tea in the heart of Totnes town centre and escape the mayhem of the modern day coffee shop. The award winning Tea Room freshly bakes all scones and serves them with Devonshire cream and homemade preserve.

50 - Weavers' Cottage Tea Shoppe, Cockington

Weavers Cottage Tea Room CockingtonWeavers Cottage Tea Shoppe is Cockington’s hidden gem. A wonderful traditional experience: step inside an authentic 18th century cottage or into the beautiful sun kissed walled courtyard garden and enjoy a light lunch, speciality cream tea or homemade cake, or just indulge in a gourmet coffee, deep in the heart of the historic village of Cockington.

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