Dog settles Devon vs Cornwall cream tea debate!

We recently teamed up with our friends at Doggy Devon to share our love of cream teas and dogs, here’s a guest blog from at Claire of Doggy Devon:

Doggy Devon is all about dog friendly Devon places to eat, drink, stay and play, and if you follow Doggy Devon on social media, you’ll know that both Paul and I are quite partial to a cream tea when we’re out and about exploring the county with Alfie.

I got in touch with Sam (of Devon Heaven Hampers) as it seemed likely that our businesses, both with a love of Cream Teas and Devon would have something in common! I wasn’t wrong!

The ‘cream first’ or ‘jam first’ debate never wanes so we thought it would be fun to let a Devon doggy decide his preferred way to enjoy a Cream Tea!

Conclusive? I’d say so!

Whether you enjoy your Cream Tea with the cream first, or the jam, really what you’re enjoying overall is the taste of the Westcountry – lashings of clotted cream with jam (my preference is always strawberry), served on just out of the oven, still slightly warm scones – I really am in heaven in Devon when I’m enjoying a Cream Tea, and what’s even better is being able to enjoy a Cream Tea in dog friendly Devon places too. Which is why, the recently published Doggy Devon Beach and Moor…Guide also includes over forty dog friendly places to enjoy a Cream Tea as recommended by the Doggy Devon community.

And, if you do fancy making your four-legged friend a Cream Tea treat, I put together this dog friendly Cream Tea recipe which you’re welcome to use:

For the 'scones':
1 x cup of wholemeal flour
1 x cup of porridge oats
1 x cup of grated carrot
3 x medium sized eggs
1 x tbsp of peanut butter or pumpkin oil
Simply mix the ingredients together, dollop into muffin cases (makes approx 8) and bake at 190C for about 30 minutes or until springy to the touch, leave to cool.

For the 'cream':
Mix a teaspoon of peanut butter into soft cream cheese.

For the 'jam':
Chop fresh strawberries - the natural sugars and vitamins make for a great occasional treat!


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