Cream Tea Poll Results - Did it Backfire?

We all know about the famous cream tea debate between Devon and Cornwall with us Devonians preferring cream teas to be served with jam on top of cream whilst the Cornish insist the cream should be on top. For many people a cream tea the other way around to their usual preference is crazy, weird and wrong. Various different arguments, scientific theories and celebrity opinions exist on the subject that divides our two counties but nowhere could we find a really large unbiased poll on the subject to settle which method is the most popular. We set our sights on creating such a poll and making it as fair as possible.

Creating an Unbiased Cream Tea Poll

We had over 1,000 internet users take part. These users were polled from visits to our Devon vs Cornwall cream tea blog which ranks at the top of Google for general cream tea searches, such as 'Cornish cream tea' or 'Devon cream tea' and although we're a Devon website we get the most traffic from the search term 'Cornish cream tea'. We then stripped out from the results anyone who had previously lived in either Devon or Cornwall to make the survey as unbiased as possible.

Cream Tea Poll Results - Did it Backfire?

Devon vs Cornwall Cream Tea Poll

As you can see from the chart above, yes it did backfire with 59% of users preferring the Cornish method of applying cream on top of jam. Or to put it another way 6 in every 10 scones is made the Cornish way 😢😢😢. Whilst this method has been shown to be the most common, does that make it best? We would certainly argue not! 😀

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  • Oh dear
    I think both ways are wrong . . What about the Gloucestershire way . . cream . . Jam . . dollop of cream on top . . think we got you beat . . lol

    S Jones on

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